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Aspiring Stories
Aspiring Stories 1000 Aspirantes

"One cannot live a lukewarm life. You must live life with passion."
- Dr. Antonia Pantoja
For over fifty years, ASPIRA has supported Latino youth to reach their academic dreams, lead within their communities and be catalysts for change.
Tell us how the ASPIRA Triple A Process, Awareness, Analysis, and Action has made a difference in your life.

"ASPIRA was the door to so many amazing opportunities in my life. My close friends remain the girls that were part of my chapter...the ones who loved traveling into the city for the ACF meetings. I am so thankful for all the leadership development that I received in ASPIRA that I use so much now as a teacher. I even taught my students about ASPIRA last week, we were studying Puerto Rico and we came across a book that mentioned about Dr. Antonia Pantoja. I taught them about her and also about the wonderful experiences I had with ASPIRA and they were all excited about joining ASPIRA when they got older. Glad I was able to inspire others to join."
- Diana Carolina Rincon, 2003, John Bowne HS Graduate
"ASPIRA definitely gave me the confidence and determination needed to survive and excel as a Latina in the workforce. I'm sure most if not all ASPIRANTES got a taste of their leadership potential in high school and used that energy to propel them in college and in the world beyond. Words cannot describe the love I have for this organization and the infinite pride I hold in being an ASPIRANTE, now and forever."
- Angeline Guzman, 2003, Fiorello H. LaGuardia HS Graduate.
"I owe a lot to ASPIRA for opening many doors, and showing me what leadership is all about. I have lifetime friends since then, and I will always admire and be grateful for all ASPIRA did for me."
- Claudia De La Cruz, 2003, DeWitt Clinton HS- BEAM 10 Graduate
"Thanks to ASPIRA I have surpassed my biggest challenge of growing up with the challenges of domestic violence and I now strive to help my community develop higher standards for themselves through the field of law. In addition to influencing my career choice, ASPIRA gave me a family with a huge ear and heart. A family that was always willing to listen and guide me through the results of my tainted childhood and adolescence allowing me to find what it means to be a man. More than a procreator, a man must provide for his family and enlighten his community. Although I have yet to reach the heights of enlightening others, I have persevered despite my past hardships and acquired a stronger passion for social justice and greater equality. As a result of having ASPIRA in my life I have been able to open doors I never thought imaginable, such as the one to attend Hofstra University on a full scholarship. My Name is Oscar Espinal and my story started at ASPIRA of New York Beam 10."
- Oscar Espinal, BEAM 10