Community Schools

Community Schools
Community Schools
The NYC Community Schools Initiative is a central element of Mayor Bill de Blasio's vision to re-imagine the City's school system. Community Schools are neighborhood hubs where students receive high-quality academic instruction, families can access social services, and communities congregate to share resources and address their common challenges.
With the Mayor's bold pledge to create more than 100 new fully-developed Community Schools over the next several years, NYC is now at the forefront of a national movement focused on a holistic and comprehensive approach to education in urban centers. This approach prioritizes student wellness, readiness to learn, personalized instruction, community partnerships and family engagement as key strategies to leverage better academic outcomes among high-need students.
Community Schools recognize that students who are hungry, can’t see the blackboard, or are missing school regularly face critical obstacles to learning in the classroom. By providing an extra meal, connecting a parent to job training, or enrolling a student in an afterschool program, they can lower barriers to learning and help kids succeed.

Our Partners

CS @ J.H.S. 080 The Mosholu Parkway
Community School Director: Raki Barlow
School: J.H.S. 080 (X080)
Address: 149 East Mosholu Parkway, Bronx NY 10467
Telephone: 718-405-6300
Fax: 212-564-7251
Email: [email protected]

CS @ P.S. 092 Bronx
Community School Director: Jose Hernandez
School: P.S. 092 (X092)
Address: 700 East 179th Street, Bronx NY 10457
Telephone: 718-731-7900
Fax: 212-564-6880
Email: [email protected]
CS @ I.S. 349 Math, Science & Tech.
Community School Director: Troy O'denDhal
School: I.S. 349 Math, Science & Tech (K349)
Address: 35 Starr Street, Brooklyn NY 11221
Telephone: 718-418-6389
Fax: 212-564-6880
Email: [email protected]
CS @ The Hunts Point School
Community School Director: Shoy Colbourne
School: The Hunts Point School (X424)
Address: 730 Bryant Avenue, Bronx NY 10474
Telephone: 718-328-1972
Fax: 212-564-6880
email: [email protected]
CS @ Monroe Academy for Visual Arts & Design
Community School Director: Franchel Mendoza
School: Monroe Academy for Visual Arts & Design (X692)
Address: 1300 Boynton Avenue, Bronx NY 10472
Telephone: 718-860-8160
Fax: 212-564-6880
email: [email protected]